They are the ultimate box. Standardised & uniform. However, it might also lead you to think that the business of handling containers is also standardised. That jobs are interchangeable. That working here is boring. There you would be mistaken. Because while it is true that operations are for a huge part standardized there is still need for flexibility. For tailor-made careers. For answering specific motivations. Because not everybody wants to fit in a box.

We look out for people who like to think outside the box. Who thrive to make things possible. We reach out to anyone with an open mind. Let’s meet.

Our vacancies

Looking to find exciting opportunities within the CSP Zeebrugge port? Our job search tool is your guide! Talents with an open mind, young graduates, experienced professionals …  Let’s meet! Check out our vacancies.

Administrative Assistant

Commercial Department

Als Administratief Assistent werkt je nauw samen met de Commercial Manager. Je bent een teamplayer, leergierig, gemotiveerd en je hebt

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Dieselmechanieker Rollend materieel

Technische Dienst

Als onderhoudstechnieker voor ons rollend materieel werk je op een veilige manier met je collega’s aan: Interventies bij pannes (oplossen

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Onderhoud- en storingstechnieker voor kraandienst

Technische dienst

Als onderhoudstechnieker voor onze kraandienst werk je op een veilige manier met je collega’s aan: Interventies bij pannes (oplossen van

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Operations Executive

Operations departement

  Together with your colleague operations exutives, you are accountable for the overall management and coordination of all operations (yard,

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Sales Manager

Commercial Department

CSP Zeebrugge is currently expanding its focus to explore and develop end-to-end solutions for opportunities in and beyond its ports.

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Dieselmechanieker Rollend materieel – Dagdienst

Technische Dienst

Als onderhoudstechnieker voor ons rollend materieel werk je op een veilige manier met je collega’s aan: Interventies bij pannes (oplossen

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Recruitment with an open mind

When invited for a first interview, we’ll tell you all about the entire recruitment flow, to make the process as transparent as possible.

During the selection process, you get the chance to talk with your future manager and even possible colleagues, to make sure all your questions are answered.

We strive for the best possible fit and focus on long term recruitment.

We also welcome your spontaneous application.

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Learning with an open mind

At CSP Zeebrugge we are looking for people who are open to continuous learning. Not only through classroom trainings, but also through training on the job, projects, and by learning from colleagues and interacting with other teams.

In your job, you get many opportunities to broaden your knowledge & expertise. The knowhow of our employees is our strongest asset. We invest in our employees, develop their talents and support them in becoming specialists.

At CSP Zeebrugge you can build your career.

CSP Learing with an open mind

Our values

Our company values represent the way we want to do business and interact with each other. We don’t just value what we do, we hold each other accountable on how we do things.

Value 1

Open minds
are forward looking

Open minds stay ambitious and shape the future, closed minds don’t see opportunities. 

We are ambitious and constantly strive to improve. We are creative, not afraid and not conservative. We think big and look forward to a sustainable future. On our road to get there, we work pragmatic, organized and determined.

Value 2

Open minds
are agile

Open minds are agile, closed minds get behind. 

To keep delivering, we love to think outside the box.  We are flexible, resilient and versatile. We are dynamic, hungry and energetic. We are focused on our clients, when the circumstances change, we adapt.

Value 3

Open minds
take ownership

Open minds take ownership, closed minds don’t grow

As a reliable partner, we are always focused on finding sustainable solutions. We are professional and willing to learn and grow. We are involved and take responsibility. We are proud of what we do and we’re not afraid to make decisions.

Value 4

Open minds
work together

Open minds work together, closed minds can’t connect.

We respect, trust and support our colleagues. We listen and try to understand each other so we can better work together and reach our goals. We are 1 team.

New talent with an open mind?

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Colleagues with an open mind