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Decongestion hub and gateway

CSP Zeebrugge Terminal can ensure seemless connections. As there are no waiting times in Zeebrugge to handle vessels and barges, CSP Zeebrugge is a competitive alternative to serve the hinterland beyond the congested ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Through estuary capacity, CSP Zeebrugge can push up to 1.000 TEU daily to the hinterland, by using extended gates close to your final destination. Industrial belts based in The Netherlands at the rivers Maas and Waal, and also the German Ruhr area at the River Rhine, are accessible with transit times between respectively 12 and 30 hours.

Throug B/L Zeebrugge and inland CY connections offered by her customers, CSP Zeebrugge provides fast and reliable transit times and services, or seamless supply chains for the local industry.

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Rail connections

Frequent unit trains run to and from railway hubs including Antwerp, Dourges and Duisburg, making an easy connection with the European market.

Our on-site rail facility benefits from 3 rail sidings of 780 meter and can handle any type of block train.

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Barge connections

The port of Zeebrugge is connected to the 1.500 km long Belgian waterway network as well as the pan-European river and canal network. linked by regular shuttles and estuary connections.

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Automated gate process

Road transport

The Port of Zeebrugge offers a direct and central access to the European road network. The new A11 motorway connects the port even faster to all major industrial centers in Flanders, France, The Netherlands and many other destinations in Europe.

Our fully automated gate process guarantees visiting trucks a very effective turn time.

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CSP Zeebrugge – Your European container hub and gateway

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