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Value added services

We offer a wide range of specialized services that add value to the supply chain of your end customers.

Warehousing & Cross-docking

We can offer long term storage and cross-docking activities, both indoor as outdoor. For indoor activities we have 2 warehouses covering a total area of 40.000 m² and uniquely located on our terminal, next to the waterfront quaysite, onsite railhead and easy access to public roads.

This allows us to offer you a

  • very flexible “just in time” delivery  & crossdocking;
  • optimized first/last mile distribution, and
  • optimized utilization of Container equipment on the deep sea quay.

Based on your specific demand we can provide customs bonded storage, customs documentation on import or export and organize the last mile.
We can function as your pre- or post-carriage control tower.

For more information, please contact zeebrugge.marketing@cspterminals.com


CSP Zeebrugge Terminal can offer multiple breakbulk solutions. Please find further information below or contact zeebrugge.breakbulk@cspterminals.com

  • Within the ISPS area and integrated with our quay side operations.
  • Shackles, ropes & wires to accommodate all maximum weights
  • Maximum cargo dimensions: length or width 50m (c = 25m) x 18,62m (a)
    cargo can be rotated in the back reach and on the boom to fit between the legs of the gantry cranes
  • On demand quotations to ensure correct pricing
  • Qualified staff
    • Calculate lifts & setups
    • Calculate lashing on board or on flat
    • Execute the lifts safe & secure
  • On demand mobile cranes + 100 ton SWL can be sourced
  • Lifting ex barge or from water direct possible
  • Specialized equipment:
    • Reach stacker SWL 42 ton
    • Forklifts up to 30 ton
    • Cargo hook SWL 100 ton
    • RAM spreader SWL 60 ton
    • Mecano cargo beam SWL 90 ton – length adjustable from 3m to 14m
    • Cargo beams 7m SWL 50 ton

Download our Breakbulk & CFS procedure for more information.

Find our general breakbulk tariffs (subject to change based on request) below:

Breakbulk tariffs
Tariff 29.12 Euro/Ton (1500 min.)
Weight Suppl. 33.6 Euro / Ton above 30 Ton
Volume Suppl. (Volume > 3 x Weight) – Per slice of 3 x extra volume: +25%
Lashing 33.6 Euro/Ton (1500 min.)
Unlashing 560 Euro
Additional Items
Storage after 5 days : 0,5€/m² with min. 25€ / Day
Terminal delivery cost Charged directly to shipper
Gear rental and return No Fixed Price
Cradle handling No Fixed Price
Divers for strap placement No Fixed Price
Mafi rental 56 Euro / Day
RS Moves 62,7 Euro / Move
Docklabour Fixed price ( depends on Starting time and overall time)
OOG tariffs
Tariff FR < 16,5 T 225 Euro
Tariff FR > 16,5 T 448 Euro
Lashing stuffing / stripping FR 28 Euro / ton
Only Lashing 33,6 Euro / ton


Please contact our breakbulk team to receive a tailor-made quotation based on your requests via zeebrugge.breakbulk@cspterminals.com or via +32 50 50 26 95.


With a fumigation capacity of 200 containers per week, CSP Zeebrugge, in colaboration with EWS group, guarantees the total service package of fumigation, ventilation, gas-free declaration, seal and fumigation certificate. A package with which the cooperation is committed to unburdening the customer; treatment is fully integrated into the customer’s logistics process.

Container Weighing

Container weighing

CSP Zeebrugge is set to record and process the new Verified Gross Mass (VGM) regulation. We continue to invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure to offer an efficient weighing solution at our terminal.

  • Fast, easy and low cost container weighing solution
  • No delay to your supply chain
  • Highly accurate and compliant weight verification and administration
  • Complying by SOLAS regulations

For more information, please contact zeebrugge.weighing@cspterminals.com.

Reefers services

CSP Zeebrugge is well equipped to handle refrigerated containers and temperature sensitive cargo. We offer reefer quality control, monitoring, cleaning and repair services with over 780 plugins for PTI services. Our inspection (PTI) includes ensuring the correct functioning of the cooling unit, temperature control and recording devices, checking the container for structural damage, and ensuring that the container is clean and ready in all respect to receive cargo.

CSP Zeebrugge is a certified service provider of the 4 major reefer part manufacturers (Carrier, Thermoking, Daikin and Stacool). As official service provider, we can claim warranties for our customers and have access to additional support and service from the manufacturer.

For more information, please contact zeebrugge.reefer@cspterminals.com.

Container repair

Container repair

Our terminal offers an extensive damage control and repair service, including refurbishing and cleaning of both dry containers and reefer containers.

At our fully equipped repair center our experienced CSP team repairs all container damage.

For more information, please contact zeebrugge.emr@cspterminals.com.

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