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Automated Gate for trucks

CSP Zeebrugge is ready for the future and is constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve work and process flows. Our fully automated gate process is the perfect example of this.

Our trusted two-step gate process combines optical character recognition with digital container readers and considerably speeds things up. On top of this we also make use of biometric fingerprint scanning access.

Gate for drop-off and pick-up of containers by truck is open every weekday from 06:00 to 21:30.

Truck – Gate Procedure

  1. Truck driver/company pre-announce container visit (via https://tas.cspterminals.be/) according to procedure and receives an appointment code with an OK status.
  2. Truck driver arrives at the terminal, scans Alfapass card and drives through the inbound camera gate at a maximum speed of 30 km/h (inportal).
    The camera gate will take pictures from all sides of the container, verify the license plate and container number.
  3. At the second pedestal (ingate) truck driver scans Alfapass Card, follows instructions on the screen and verifies information.
  4. Next, at the seal check, the container will be checked for damage, seal presence (if required) and driver must unlock the twist locks.
  5. Truck driver can proceed to the grid to have the container (un)loaded.
    At the grid, the drivers must scan his Alfapass Card at the pedestal and indicates on which lane he is parked (left or right from pedestal).
    During (un)loading by Straddle Carrier, truck driver needs to stand at the designated safe place in front of the pedestal.
  6. When the container is (un)loaded, the truck driver proceeds to the outbound camera gate (outportal) and scans Alfapass card to pass thru.
  7. Between the outbound camera gate (outportal) and the outgate kiosk, there is a designated area to check container and lock twist locks by truck driver (if necessary). (OTR area)
    If there is a problem with the received container, there is a fast lane towards the grid.
  8. At the last pedestal (outgate), truck driver scans Alfapass card and receives an interchange report.

Alfapass – Terminal Access

Access to the terminal is only possible with an Alfapass access card.
More information about requesting and using the Alfapass card can be found at https://www.alfapass.be/faq/.

Truckers must present themselves in person at the first visit to our security desk in order to receive information about our security rules, after which access will be granted via the trucker gate, for the duration of the validity of the Alfapass.

The Alfapass card is strictly personal and may under no circumstances be passed on to third parties. If misuse is detected, the access rights of the Alfapass concerned will be blocked immediately. Such misuse will be reported as an ‘ISPS security incident’ to the LCMB (Local Committee for Maritime Security) in Zeebrugge.


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